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June 6, 2019

The Role Of Different Types Of Fireproof Cloth

Cotton flame-retardant cloth: the cotton cloth is treated with flame retardant to achieve non-continuation effect;
Unionfull fireproof cloth: the main products are permanent anti-static fabric; full-channel electromagnetic shielding fabric; high temperature resistant at 200 °C-1200 °C fireproof cloth, felt, curtain, paper material.
Blue glass fiber fireproof cloth: blue glass fiber fireproof cloth is used for decoration of fireproof roller blinds.
Fireproof cloth: fireproof cloth has the performance of general fireproof cloth, and also has anti-light radiation effect. Temperature resistance 350 °C, 550 °C, 1050 °C;Such as coated fiberglass fabric,silica cloth and fiberglass fabric.
Coated fireproof cloth: coated with silicone rubber, pvc, pu, pa, etc. can achieve anti-static, waterproof, anti-allergic, fireproof effect;And Unionfull produced the colorfull silicone coated fiberglass supply you many choices for the blanket.
High silica fire-retardant cloth with different width for that fabric,the most important for the higher temperature is the content of silica is up to 96%. So the temperature can reach to 1700 °C, which is often used in aerospace and other military industries.
Different fabric for different function of the fireproof blanket,choose the right one for your safety,pls contact us for professional ideas.

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