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March 14, 2018

Removable Thermal Insulation Jacket

Thermal insulation cover is designed to protection equipments from cold or heat damage, such as valve, power generator, pump, turbine cover, etc. Usually we design it as a heavy duty combination of three layer fiber glass materials, one layer of glass fiber needlemat between two layers of silicone coated fiberglass fabric. This removable sandwich structure can be installed and removed with fire retardant hook and loop and metal buckles. 
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The standard thickness is about 25 to 30mm. Jacket design and size will be depended on customers’ requirements to ensure 100% fit. Due to properties of silicone fiber glass fabric, the insulation mattresses are oil resistant, chemical resistant and easy to clean by water.

With this insulation blanket pads, 20%-45% energy can be saved in general. Based on IR test result, the surface temperature of jacket will be lowered to 32 degree centigrade when inside temperature goes up to 300℃. It is safe for workers to touch it and maintain it. Also, stable temperature will help the working life of equipments.

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