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January 31, 2018

PU Coated Fiberglass Welding Blanket

Fiberglass fabrics for fire or welding blanket are usually coated with silicone, PU or acrylic compound on one side or two sides. Specifications of welding protection materials depend on final work environment.A very common glass fiber cloth of welding blanket is PU coated welding blanket. This welding cloth is weighed at 700g/m2, about 20.65oz/yd2. It is made of 600g basic fibreglass cloth coated with 100g/m2 grey PU on one side. Size is customized (common size 3mtr x 6mtr). Logo and other content can be printed on the welding blanket surface.Heat resistant blanket is heavy duty, chemical resistant, corrosion resisistant and abrasion resistant. Its fire resistance is great, basic fiberglass cloth is able to withstand 550℃ continuously. PU coating can resist 260℃ day by day. A special property of PU coated fiberglass fabric is its coating can resist 1100 degree Celsius instantaneously, which makes it a suitable material for sparks or molten metal splash shield.
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