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November 24, 2017

Non Itchy Fiberglass Fireproof Document Bag

Based on reports and real incidents happened in the neighborhood, more and more people realized that they need fireproof bags to protect their valuables. Or they may lose everything in a house fire.


Except for fiberglass fabric production, Jotex Composite Materials also produce fire resistant products which are made of fiberglass cloth. So gradually an idea came to us. We decided to produce our own bag to protect document, cash, passport and other valuables. Fire blankets can be sell together with the fire resistant pouch.


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Bags made of uncoated white fiberglass fabric may cause irritating or hurt problem on hands after touching. Because tiny glass fibers will fall off and stick into skins. All of our fireproof bags are made from coated fiberglass cloth or aluminum foil fiberglass fabric. Inner lining also avoid direct touch to glass fibers. Non itchy, no irritating or hurt.


We got the patent for fireproof bag design. Customers don’t need to worry about the infringement problems. Besides, we’ve done a lot of Amazon FBA shipments for our customers. And we’d love to support new sellers to test the market and complete the FBA shipment. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in fireproof bag.


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