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July 10, 2017

New Employee Announcement -Sales Department

Today is a plus one news day. Miss Jeda Shen is joining our team as sales in Sales Department.


Jeda's Bachelor degree is in International Trade. Prior to accepting this position, Jeda has worked at two other fiberglass materials factories over the past six years, so she is able to deepen her knowledge of fiberglass fabric, silicone/PTFE/PVC coated fiber glass cloth, silica cloth and fiberglass needle mat. Also she is very experienced in communication and negotiation. Jeda brings experience and an outstanding record of success in the international trade area, which will be invaluable in achieving the departmental goals and targets.


In her spare time, Jeda has a passion for drawing and travel. She looks forward to working in the new team and will be looking for opportunities to help customers and colleagues in every aspect.


Thank the HR colleagues who participated in the selection process. Their efforts are deeply appreciated.


Sales Department

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