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October 11, 2017

New Employee Announcement In October

So glad to announce that Ms. Sunny Yang will be one meber of Jotex Composite Materials this month!


Sunny is very experienced and mature professional. She has been engaged on international trade for six years after University. Four years ago she began to learn the information about fiberglass materials. She was very interested in this eco-friendly and recycled material, especially the fiberglass needle mat, which can be cut into fibers again to be blanket without any binding agent, only by needling. Based on her interests and the situation that we tend to separate our products, Sunny will mainly do with e-glass needle mat.


Besides, 3mm to 25mm fiberglass needle mat is always used together with silicone coated fiberglass fabric to produce removable thermal insulation jacket for valve, pump and pipes. Sunny will be responsible for marketing of these two materials for heat insulation jacket.


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We believe Sunny's admission will bring fresh vitality to sales department and speed up its development.


Thank the HR colleagues who participated in recruit. Their efforts are deeply appreciated.


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