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January 8, 2018

Jotex In 2018

Jotex holds the summery meeting of 2017 on 29th, December. In the meeting sales team analysed our results. Sales in 2017 were marginally increased by 10 percent than last year. 
The biggest seller of Jotex in 2017 is silicone coated fiberglass fabric, which can be used for fire blanket and thermal insulation jacket. Second is PTFE coated fiber glass cloth. Main application of this material is Teflon BBQ grill mat. And this cloth is able to be used for heat resistant and non stick purpose in many industrial fields. Third one is customized fire welding blanket. Many coated fiberglass fabric and high silica cloth can be its materials.
In 2018 Jotex aims to increase the sale by 15% and to reach a record high. Also Jotex set a target of an increase of new customers. Jotex is still making the exhibitions plan, we will announce it after Chinese New Year Holiday.
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