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October 18, 2017

Invitation to Visit Jotex

October to December is a purchasing peak of Teflon/PTFE coated fiberglass fabric. So there were many customers of this coated fabric visited our factory recently. Jotex is so glad to meet customers face to face. It is a valuable opportunity for clear and deep communication. In particular, one customer's son got married in China this month. We are so glad for this good news.


PTFE coated fiber glass cloth is made of basic cloth coated with FDA apprived food grade Teflon (also called PTFE). This coated fiberglass fabric is high tensile strength, reusable, non stick and heat resistant, so main application of this fabric is to produce BBQ grill mat/baking mat. This products sells well because of its eco-friendly material and non toxic Teflon coating.


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We spent a good time with our customers this time. Jotex also invites other customers to visit us when you have schedule to visiting China.


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