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July 13, 2018

High Silica Needled Mat

Amorphous silica fibre needled felts is carded by silica fibers to produce a high volume blanket. It is mechanically needled to bond the silica fibers into a dimensionally stable blanket which has excellent thermal and acoustic insulating properties and is totally free of chemical binder. The needle system make the final felt with high air permeability, high density, good thermal insulation and acoustic absorption. More than 96% silica contents gives the product increased compactness, flexibility and thermal insulation.


High silica needle mats is able to withstand continuous heat at temperature up to 1800℉. And this high temperature needle mat is asbestos free and not hazardous. Its applications include steelworks, industrial high temp filtration, Aluminum industry, chemical industry, furnace industry, boiler heat insulation, reusable steam pipe insulation materials, machinery, household appliances and Autos&motorcycles acoustic insulation.


Item SiO2 Thickness Density Width Length
UPHS-NM8650 ≥96% 6.5mm 120kg/m3 0-920mm 35m
UPHS-NM8125 ≥96% 12.5mm 130kg/m3 0-920mm 20m
UPHS-NM8250 ≥96% 25mm 130kg/m3 0-920mm 10m


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