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September 14, 2018

High Silica Cloth

High silica fabric is a high temperature textile that is comprised of high purity, high strength amorphous silica fibers. After acid treatment, calcification, SiO2 content is more than 96%. Except for higher SiO2 content, this material has higher softening point and higher density compared with common e-glass fiber glass fabric. Softening point of 1200g/m2 high silica fabric is up to 1700℃. And its continuous work temperature is below 1100℃. High silica fabric is a flexible, high strength, durable, stable physical, chemical properties material. Due to these features, high silica coth is always used as fire, welding blanket and thermal insulation sealing materials. Standard widths of heavy duty silica fabric are 91.44cm and 100cm. There are two colors, white and brown.




  • More than 96% SiO2 content
  • Heat insulation
  • High density
  • Service temperatures: below 1200°C
  • No hot shrink
  • Chemical resistant
  • Heavy duty, 1200g/m2 1.3mm
  • Abrasion resistance




  • Welding, fire blanket
  • Thermal insulation exhaust jacket
  • Electrical insulation clothing and gloves
  • Thermal insulation in car, rocket, missile, spacecraft fields
  • Heat insulation sealing in hot tunnel and glass kiln
  • Inner liner of switch box
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