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August 17, 2017

Events - 2017 Zhejiang Export Fair(Serbia)


2017 Zhejiang Export Fair(Serbia)
Exhibition Center: Belmax Center
Address: Autoput 20 Zemun 11080 Belgrade Serbia
Booth Number : C01-02
Date : May 18th - 20th, 2017



Jotex Composite Materials is from Zhejiang province which lies in the east of China and marks the highest economic growth in China. In May, Jotex attended the largest fair of Chinese manufacturers in Serbia which is held on May 18th - Zhejiang Export Fair. This export fair took place in Belmax Center in Belgrade from 18th to 20th. 2017 Zhejiang Export Fair (Serbia) gathered above 60 manufacturers from the most economically-developed province in China - Zhejiang. The products were in following areas:


• Electronics and Electrical products

• Building Materials(thermal insulation materials)

• Decoration

• Lighting

• Machines and accessories


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This time, except for silicone/PVC/PTFE coated fiberglass cloth, needle mat and open mesh conveyor belt, Jotex also displayed finished products made of fiberglass fabric such as fire blankets, BBQ grill mats, oven liners, stovetop protectors, fireproof documetn/cash bag pouch which are very popular for household and kitchen used.


Jotex is so glad to meet all customers and a lot of friends during the exhibition, cherish the chance to talk with customers face to face and know each other better. Jotex looks forward to meeting all customers there next time.



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