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April 28, 2018

Development Of Fiberglass Farbic Products

In the early stages of development, the main products of Unionfull included fiberglass cloth, silicone/PVC/PTFE Teflon coated fiberglass fabric, silica cloth, industrial fire/welding blanket and e-glass needle mat, which are applicable to projects engineering thermal insulation. In the following years, Unionfull has been providing high quality thermal insulation fiberglass materials and outstanding service to our increasing customers.


In 2016, based on a large quantity of communication with customers during exhibition and regular visit. Unionfull realized most customers are in need of household fire safety products. Shortly afterwards Unionfull Group created its unique household emergency fire blanket and non-itchy fireproof bag for document, cash and other valuables. Meanwhile Unionfull applied for a patent on its fireproof bags successfully. What’s more, in order to provide more high-quality fiberglass products for family use, BBQ grill mat and stovetop protector became another series - kitchen products. Now, all materials and products of Unionfull can be classified into two primitive fields, one for industrial application, another one for household fire safety.


Unionfull Group sticks to the principle of priority for environmental protection consistently and keeps doing our best to reduce pollution emission.

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