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October 25, 2017

Autumn Canton Fair Events

The conference 2017 Autumn 122nd Canton fair - Phase 1 come to a close on October 19th. Because of global commerce and economic growth, foreign trade in China is going up. Compare with last year, more buyers came to attend Canton Fair. What’s more, there are International Pavilions in Phase 1 and Phase 3. Almost 60% exhibitors of these International Pavilions are from Belt &Road countries covering all 6 product zones. And Egypt, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Thailand will organize national delegation to participate in the International Pavilion. It makes Canton Fair a wide international trade platform that can “sell to the world and buy from the world”.


Jotex Composite Materials Co, Ltd attended Phase 1 exhibition. The Phase 1 mainly exhibit Electronics, Machinery, Building Materials and Energy Resources. Jotex showed not only fiberglass fabric and its finished products, but great thermal insulation materials which is eco-friendly and recycled. During the exhibitors, many customers are interested in removable thermal insulation jackets for equipments. Jotex can provide materials - silicone coated fiberglass fabric and fiberglass needle mat for customers to produce their own insulation jacket. We can also design jackets for customers.


Thanks for all friends who came to visit our booth. We are so glad to meet you this time. See you next year.



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