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February 8, 2018

Aluminium Foil Fiberglass Cloth


Aluminized fiber glass cloth is a high temp insulation material with heat reflective and chemical resistant properties. It is laminating an aluminium foil on the surface of fiberglass cloth by high temperature adhesive. Woven glass fiber fabric can withstand heat below 1022℉ continuously. And the adhesive should be used below 500℉.


This material is used widely for industrial heat insulation applications. It can be processed to many fire-retarding products such as fireproof packet, fire safe suits, fire resistant bags, and fireproof gloves etc. This high strength durable flame retardant cloth is also an ideal material for oil and steam pipeline protection, welding fire blanket and fire curtain. Usually during the thermal insulation, it will be the surface of a fiber glass wool.


Basic woven glass cloth can be in the range from 100g/m2 to 1120g/m2. Among them, 3732 0.43mm fiberglass cloth is a very common one. Thickness of aluminum foil is 7micron, 18micron or 25micron, and max one can be 50μm.

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