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December 11, 2017

4oz 6oz 8oz Surfboard Fiberglass Fabric

Jotex’s surfboard fiberglass cloth series mainly includes 4oz, 6oz, 8oz e-glass and s-glass fiber glass fabric. These light weight fabrics are transparent after wetting out by resins, its tensile strength and other properties can meet the unique requirements of the surfboard/sailboard industry, so we introduce them as a separate series for sport products.


Standard widths are 4oz 27”, 6oz 30” / 39”, 8oz 30” / 39”. Minimum order quantity is according to the stock. Jotex can produce it according to customer’s requirements.


Main application of these fiberglass fabrics is surfboard manufacture. However, based on their properties such as easy wet-out, compatibility with most resins and anti corrosion, these fabrics can be used for swimming pool, septic tank production, electrical wire insulation warp and coated fiberglass fabric too.


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